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Lendlease is one of the world's leading property developers, with sites across countless countries - From the Sydney Opera House to London’s Tate Britain, they are at the forefront of what a place really can be.


Without context and messaging, the projects mean nothing to the people who use them. For that reason, we have partnered with Lendlease’s UK arm to tackle multiple briefs and challenges over the past 3 years.


These challenges include communication, education, recruitment, documentation and even bringing new systems into place when the sites had to deploy COVID safety measures.

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Our work is ongoing with Lendlease, but we are proud of what we have achieved already. Our community focused films have seen a massive uptake in the brand awareness of Lendlease and a greater understanding of the projects they are doing.


Our continued documentation of the different UK projects has resulted in key partners being able to show progress in never before possible detail.


There is almost nothing we haven’t done for Lendlease at this point. From monthly drone flights to document the biggest development in Europe, to community engagement pieces visiting schools to teach them how these buildings come to life - all the way to recruitment films showing the diversity of the people that it takes to run sites this big.


We’ve been at the top of huge cranes and deep underground filming every single part of the process Lendlease do. After years of working together now, we have a tight-knit relationship with the UK team and often bring new ideas and technology to their attention.


When COVID hit, we worked with Lendlease to make the safety induction more interactive, and the information easier to digest using multiple pieces of creative content. This sped us each induction while ensuring vital information is retained by the viewer. This ensured more people could be inducted back into site per day than before.

We have been working with Blue Monday for the last 18 months for our Construction project filming , drone footage and to create a range  of films for us from Careers in Construction to Competition launch films. Both Chris and Rory have done an amazing job , meeting our requirements and delivering an excellent , flexible and professional service at all times,Thank you!

Rita Patel Miller 

Lend lease

Social Value Manager, Construction & Development, Midlands




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