‘A gift to the city...’


How do we introduce, welcome and celebrate the arrival of John Lewis’ flagship store to the heart of Birmingham?

A glimpse of the real city, through the eyes of its homegrown people.


Developing community and brand together is something we’ve always been passionate about. No matter how big the name, people relate to people; and for this project we chose to shine a light on some of the city’s standout personalities to showcase its thriving, diverse scene. And how really, it’s all about its people.


For us, the real side of Birmingham featured:

James Newman Jeweller’s


Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Peel & Stone;

Vanley Burke,

Jaryd Dunn, from the Birchfield Harriers.

Client: John Lewis



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Birmingham, UK

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Our #ForwardBirmingham film is the centrepiece of the project, capturing the passion and ambition of our featured personalities alongside those who know them best.


Complemented by a series of stills, it’s a project that holds its relevance for many years to come.