Without fear, without hate

Life long friend and editor at Blue Monday, Sukh, would speak about the golden temple all the time. We decided to go and film there and to take him with us. Here's what he said about the trip:

My parents came over in the 60's and worked as labourers, doing anything they could to keep food on the table for me and my 2 brothers. I used to look in awe and wonderment at pictures and paintings of the golden temple on my Sunday visits to the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship). I had been longing all my life to go there and to experience what so many others used to tell me they felt there, when paying pilgrimage.

It was only when I was an adult that I had the chance to go. Knowing and working alongside the Blue Monday team since birth, an opportunity came along to go to India, and I was on-board.


The Golden Temple in Amritsar, Northern India. is the holiest Gurdwara and the most important pilgrimage site of Sikhism. It was first constructed in 1604 and was later rebuilt in 1764.


The voice over was recorded by Bhai Sahib Dr. Mohinder Singh ji, a figure head for Sikhism, who has dedicated a lot of his life towards interfaith harmony across the globe, and also organised a re-guilding and restoration of the Golden Temple.


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