A holiday is more than just a time to unwind from our day to day lives. They are where we make memories with friends and family, where we learn and try new things. It's where we, if only for a few days, can live without the weight of modern day life and heal our minds.

But holidays are not accessible for everyone, and it's sadly sometimes the case for the people who need them most.

PHAB was set up by two forward thinking 17 year olds, who saw a lack for disabled and disadvantaged children. The two agreed that holidays for these children would increase their quality of life and give them life long memories.

The rest is a history of stories, happiness, hard work, defying odds and really making a difference. They have been doing this for 50 years.

To mark their 50th year they wanted a film made, to celebrate their past, present and future. The team at PHAB knew this was a big investment and went through a rigorous and careful selection process before finally ending up on us, news that we were very happy to hear.

We interviewed people from the history of PHAB, children and volunteers from the camps, alongside the original founders, some of whom hadn’t seen anyone from the camps in over 40 years.

On top of that we visited all the camps we could in the duration we were filming for, seeing everyone in action and being able to spend time with some really amazing people was important to us, not just for the footage but to gain a real understanding on what PHAB actually stands for.

We loved this project because it was something so simple and overlooked but meant so much to everyone involved.

The final film was shown at PHAB 50, a birthday party in front of hundreds of people and will be used in future to gain more volunteers and funding.


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