A reintroduction to an old friend

Great brands are built by the communities they support.

John Lewis has been the backbone of British retail for decades, with stores situated all over the UK, focusing on customer service and high quality product.


The ethos of developing community and brand together has always been something we at Blue Monday champion. So when we submitted and won a pitch to John Lewis to make a film celebrating the launch of their flagship store in the heart of our city, we were excited, to say the least.


The brief for the project was a gift to the city, a way of engaging and hearing the voices of the people.


From the get go we knew we wanted to create a video that showed the real side of Birmingham, the people that are the fabric of the city, who are creating a better environment for everyone.

James Newman Jeweler’s, CBSO, an up and coming young conductor, Alpesh from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,  a family of doctors from the Peel & Stone; we focused on a baker, Dom Clarke from Vanley Burke, a documentary photographer & last but not least Jaryd Dunn, a 400m runner from the Birchfield Harriers.


This mix of people gave the city a voice, it allowed Brummies to look at their community and be proud.


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