The same, but different.


How do we engage and inspire a nation to make simple meal-time switches with UK newbies, Fry’s Family Food.

Simple, appetising, snippets.


We kept everything to-the-point and relatable with a classic family dynamic and a familiar dish. Quick-paced shots carried through our message of convenience and with a clear focus on taste, we made sure the food stole every scene it was featured in.


Ultimately - change can be THIS easy with a little magic from Fry’s Family Food Co.



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Birmingham, UK

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The beginning of Fry's introduction to the UK market, the film created and ideal platform to expand the message further.


We also created a collection bespoke social edits which are still being served to potential customers all around the country,



An iconic family meal, flipped on its head. We wanted the viewer to identify with the scenario, and see themselves in our actors journey to trying a meat free twist on their favourite meals.


We recruited the best chefs and food stylists we could find to ensure that the food stole every scene it was featured in. 


The film was shot party on location, and partly in our studio for the more concept shots.