When BCU reached out to us, they were having issues reaching potential students from different areas of the city. Though they have had many campaigns in thee past, for this one they wanted something that would better connect to a younger audience.

Client: www.bcu.ac.uk

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Birmingham, UK

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We decided early on that we wanted to create 4 separate films within the same campaign. Each would tell a story of a student and focus on their personal journey to education.


The casting was difficult, screening over 50 potential students. It was worth the search though as we found 4 amazing current BCU students who fit the bill exactly.


We worked with each student to build a narrative around them and to bring their story to life. Each film had its own vibe, bespoke special effects including a flaming hockey stick and flying note books.


Locations ranged from showing off the university, hockey fields, climbing centres and tv studios. Nothing was off limits when it came to telling each students story.


To tie in with a cinema campaign the University wanted to run, we also created a overall film combining the stories of all 4 films.


The films went on to be featured on TV, Cinema on both local and national campaigns. The imagery from the campaign was featured heavily on buses, screens and billboards around the city featuring the students from our stories. 

Online, the university saw an increase of 67% of online activity around the time of the campaign launch, and a record high application rate from there targeted demographics.