HS2 | Curzon Station

During our time working with the Birmingham City Council, we knew that we’d be asked to work on the HS2 project at some point. It's one of the biggest developments in Europe and is set to have a massive impact on Birmingham and beyond.

In initial talks we decided that a good way to introduce people to the idea of the project would be to create a celebration of the area the project will most heavily affect in the short term: Digbeth.

Digbeth is well known in Birmingham and has a distinct urban and creative personality, one of the first things we wanted to do was to adopt that into the video and the way we did this was through spoken word poetry.

We teamed up with local artist and spoken word poet Andrew Smallman, who has lived and worked in the area all his life, to write a piece that would give Birmingham and the area a voice, discussing the past, present and future of Birmingham.


Shot around key locations, featuring not only the buildings but the people that make the area so unique. Also featuring popular events, artists and local shops, it acted as a bridge from the council to those local areas.

The film was paired with a launch of the next phase of the council's plan at a public event. The event was filled with important facts and figures, speakers and officials. These things are vital for any big project, but the video acted as the human counter for the presentation, showing that they have an understanding and respect for where they are changing.

The video was later released online to celebrate national poetry day.


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