While on a trip to Marrakech, a member of Blue Monday observed a group of musicians in a market, singing and performing in a way he had never heard before.

Upon returning home, the rest of the team researched what he saw and this soon became the basis of our film.

Sufism is the heartbeat of traditional Moroccan culture.

Hadawi is the Moroccan Arabic name given to a spiritual Sufi person who leads an isolated life. They are nomadic in nature and reject the materialistic nature of modern society - Sufi nomads.

A spiritual Islamic tradition that goes back to the first generations of Muslims. It is not rigid in its form, constantly progressing and changing with modern society. Their lifestyle is reflected in their music, prayers and poetic verses repeated turning themselves into a trance like a state through the rhythm of the percussive beats.

We were introduced to a renowned Hadawi group, who for decades have taken residence in the chaotic and vibrant setting of the Jamaa Elfna Square. And given a moment to reflect upon a Hadawi’s message.


The film is narrated by a prayer said in the Hadawi’s natural tongue and set to the backdrop of the frantic and colourful urban sprawls of Marrakech to the mountains overlooking the rest of Africa.


An experience of feeling more than education, Lord of Lords was created to replicate the trance like feeling of sitting in that market square and being overcome by the music yourself.


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