Acorns Children Hospice | Tilly's Story

Losing anyone is hard, losing a child is unimaginable. Though this sadly happens, when it does we are lucky to have places like Acorns to turn to.

Acorns is a children's hospice based in Birmingham, an organisation there for families during their time of need. They offer end of life services, places for families to stay and make memories with their children, family support and a host of amazing facilities for the families and children.

As a charity, Acorns relies totally on donations to keep going and need somewhere in the region of £10 million a year in donations to do so. One of the most important fundraising periods is Christmas and Acorns asked us to create something to help them raise donations.

To do this we wanted to tell the story of a family who have used the hospice recently and could talk from the heart about how important the place is. Acorns introduced us to Kelly and Tilly, a mother and daughter who had recently lost Henry, Kelly's baby and Tilly's brother. He passed away at the hospice when he was only 6 weeks old.

We worked closely with the family and Acorns to produce a film that tells the story, has impact, and respects the family's wishes.

The process went well and we are now signed on to produce all future campaign videos, including everything for their 30 year anniversary celebration.

We're looking forward to it!

  • 876 children a year supported

  • 1,097 families helped

  • £10 million a year required to run


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